Kali Mandir Constructed At Srimangal Bangladesh For 90K Dollars

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By Sangram Datta, Moulvibazar, Bangladesh

The newly constructed Sri Srimangaleshwari Kali Temple has become a sight to behold with its artistic craftsmanship and exquisite construction style at Srimangal town in Moulvibazar district of Bangladesh.  The whole temple is painted red, white and the designs painted in gold and bronze.

This five-tiered temple can be seen on the left side of the road a little further from the town’s crossroads via College Road of the town. There is another small sanctum sanctorum inside the temple. The Statue of Goddess Kali will be kept there.

The temple management committee believes that it will attract both religious followers and tourists from home and abroad to witness the beauty and majesty of the temple.

Awaiting inauguration the temple was constructed for about 89412 US Dollars.

Sree Nishit Ranjan Dutta Purkayastha supervised the planning, design, and construction work of the temple. The temple covers an area of ​​1300 square feet and is 48 feet. There are five gates around the temple for entry and exit. The temple has also been built on five levels. Shapes of  Jaba flower, Belpata and Swastika adorn the temple.

This Kalibari was established in the third decade of the nineteenth century by donating some religious land from Birchandra Dhar and rented tea gardens. In a terrible fire in 1962, Kalimandir along with other houses in Srimangal was burnt to ashes. Later, the late Ajit Chowdhury, a tea planter of the town built Paka Kali and Durga Mandir.

Festivals like Kali Puja, Durga Puja, etc. are performed every year.


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