Assam Issues Independence Day Covid Protocols

– NET Web Desk

For the upcoming independence day, The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) had issued directives applicable for the celebration of Independence Day on August 15, 2021.

The directives mention that celebrations should be held at open spaces/fields with gatherings not exceeding 1500 persons at the state level. Whereas at district and sub-divisional level the upper left of members attending the event should not exceed 500 and 300 respectively, while for any de-centralized locations except as mentioned above the gathering should remain under 200 persons.

It also says that for celebration within the closed hall, auditorium, etc., the gathering should not exceed 50% of the eating capacity or 200 persons, whichever is less.

Moreover, the persons/officials involved with the celebration of Independence Day will be pardoned from the restrictions of curfew hours & and odd-even vehicular restrictions.

However covid19 protocols like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, sanitization are to be followed strictly, says the authority.