Sikkim Election Commission Announces By-Elections For 10/Arithang-II Municipal Ward

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On Monday, August 16, the State Election Commissioner, Nima L. Yethenpa held a press conference with regard to the upcoming elections for nominating a candidate to fill up the vacant seat for 10/Arithang – II Municipal Ward.

Held in the Commission Office, the press conference was organized in the presence of N.T. Bhutia, Secretary, State Election Commission.

The State Election Commissioner, Sikkim announced the election scheduled for conducting the By- election to the following Ward as provided under Rule 119 of the Sikkim Municipalities (Code of Conduct) Rules, 2007.

The list are as follows –

16.08.2021 (Monday) : Issue of Notification and enforcement of Model Code of Conduct.

23.08.2021(Monday) : As the last date for filing nomination.

24.08.2021(Tuesday) : As the last date for scrutiny of nomination.

26.08.2021(Thursday) : As the last date for withdrawal of Candidature.

17.09.2021(Friday) : As the date on which the poll shall, if necessary be taken.

19.09.2021(Sunday) : Counting.

22.09.2021(Wednesday) : As the date before which the election shall be completed.

The Commission fixes the hours from 8 AM to 4 PM as the hours during which the poll shall, if necessary, be taken on the date specified above the election.

Furthermore, the filling of nomination shall be taken up by the Municipal Election Returning Officer (MERO) of the East District.

The State Election Commissioner, Sikkim further appealed to all the voters for maximum participation in the election to elect the new member for the aforementioned ward.

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