Exploration Of Atomic Minerals In Arunachal Pradesh Must Be Fast Tracked: CM Pema Khandu

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During the 7th E-Pragati meeting, held on 17th August 2021 Arunachal CM Pema Khandu discussed the avenues of exploration of Atomic Minerals with Director of Atomic Minerals Department Dr. S. K. Sinha. Dr. Sinha had joined in remotely from his office in Hyderabad.

It was decided in the meeting that the state government, through its Department of Geology and Mining, would collaborate with the Atomic Minerals Directorate (AMD), a constituent unit of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), under the direct control of PMO, to explore atomic minerals in Arunachal Pradesh.

CM Khandu observed that exploration of minerals is going slow and needs to be fast-tracked.

“We are going very slow. Some of the surveys began way back in 1969 with no results to date. The concerned department has to wake up and get going,” Khandu said while interacting with Dr. Sinha.

Dr. D K Sinha, also informed that surveys and exploration have been going on in the state. He said the explorations have given encouraging results on possible deposits of uranium, lithium, helium, and Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Arunachal Pradesh, which are not found anywhere else in the country. He offered to collaborate with the state government to specifically focus on the exploration of these rare minerals.

Dr. Sinha further informed the Chief Minister that Arunachal Pradesh can avail and benefit from few specific technologies developed by DAE, which include low footprint Bio-granulation plant for sewage treatment, sludge hygienisation plant and biomethanation plant (Nisargaruna) for waste management, development of seeds with enhanced qualities and food irradiation plant in the agriculture sector, water filtration systems for clean drinking water and technologies for disaster management.


Khandu thanked Director AMD for the offer and assured that the concerned state government department will be in touch with DAE in this regard as well as the exploration of atomic minerals.

Besides the atomic minerals, it was also decided to fast-track survey and exploration of dolomite, limestone, tourmaline, base metal, and cement-grade limestone in various parts of the state.

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