Arunachal Pradesh: Bamboo Suspension Bridge Constructed At Broken National Highway In Lelek Snapped By Boulders

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  • Tanu Bulo, Arunachal Pradesh

Nature seems to be showing no mercy upon the villagers of Pangin, Kebang and its adjoining areas as the Lelek suspension bridge which was constructed by villagers and local leaders were struck down by heavy boulders and debris on the morning of 18th of August 2021.

The 30 Metre long suspension bridge was built by the local populace using locally available materials and wire rope as the original stretch of the national highway was washed away due to heavy rain on June 27. With no help from concerned authorities,  the local populace took it upon themselves to construct a suspension bridge as the absence of road were affecting their everyday commute including access to emergency medical care, food supply, etc.

The Lelek Bridge Construction Committee was immediately constituted comprising of villagers and local leaders. The bridge was completed on 18th July and opened for the public with certain restrictions such as maximum weight allowed and the number of persons crossing the bridge at a time.

The 30 metre wire and bamboo suspension bridge connected four strategic districts of Arunachal Pradesh namely- Siang, West Siang, Upper Siang, and Shi-Yomi.

Meanwhile Pasighat West MLA, Ninong Ering has promised a sum of Rs. 10 Lakhs from his MLA-LAD fund for immediate reconstruction and renovation of the washed portion of the Trans Arunachal Highway.

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