Heroin Confiscated In Siaha Mizoram, Four Held

– Ezrela Daldia Fanai

The Excise and Narcotics Department of Mizoram recovered 124 gms of Heroin No. 4 at Bualpui road of Siaha district. A  Maruti Alto Car bearing  Regn No MZ01B-2170- was also confiscated along with the contraband drugs.

According to reports Gospel Vanlalliana (26) s/o Lalpiangthara leh Vanlalngheta (24) s/o Lalpiangthara, Bulfekzawl Champhai District; Runkianlova (41) s/o Hrangthanduna, Dinthar Veng, Champhai leh Thanglianmunga (48) s/o Nghiandothanga Bawngkawn (Brigade veng) Aizawl have been arrested in connection with the drugs bust.

All four of them have been booked under The Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

According to records of the Mizoram Excise and Narcotics Department, 37 individual along which were  34 males and 3 females lost their lives in connection to substance abuse last year.