Arunachal Pradesh: New Frog Species ‘Amolops adicola’ Named After Adi Community

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  • Tanu Bulo, Arunachal Pradesh


A new frog species which have been added to the faunal diversity of the state, is now named after the Adi tribe.

The frog locally known as ‘Juri’ has been assigned the scientific nomenclature ‘Amolops adicola’ as it was discovered in the basin of the Siang river which is predominantly inhabited by the Adi community.  This particular species falls under the category of ‘cascade frog’ as their preferred habitat is small waterfalls or cascades in the flowing hill streams.

The team comprising of Naitik G Patel, Sonali Garg, Abhijit Das, Bryan L Stuart, and SD Biju published a research paper confirming its discovery in the reputed Journal of Natural History.

The new species was identified based on multiple criteria including external morphology, DNA, and calling pattern. The discovery has yet again aroused excitement amongst wildlife enthusiasts as the state remains “a paradise yet to be explored”.

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