Health Infrastructure Has Been Decentralised During Covid: Tripura CM

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb inaugurated the newly constructed block office building in the old Agartala block on the 18th of August 2021, Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion the Tripura Government is working for the overall welfare of the citizens of all parts of the state, including infrastructural development. Health infrastructure in Tripura has been decentralized during the Covid times as well,

According to Deb, in Tripura, emphasis has been laid on timely completion of work while maintaining quality through thoughtful management and planning.

“Health services have been decentralized in the state including infrastructure development, oxygen plant, ventilator, ICU with emphasis on health protection for all. In addition, the state-produced jackfruit and pineapple are paving the way for economic self-sufficiency,” he added.

Deb also said, to expand quality education, an initiative has been taken to bring 100 government schools in the state under CBSE and to set up 18 Ekalavya schools. The Tripura government has taken steps to address the grievances of the citizens through a transparent and efficient administrative policy.

“The number 1905 has been introduced as a helpline number for the Chief Minister on a pilot basis in Dhalai district. Through this helpline number, citizens can give advice or feedback on various activities of the government,” Deb added.

He claimed that Tripura was known all over the country for its remarkable achievements in various fields of development.

With the proper implementation of the Prime Minister’s HIRA model, improved connectivity through highways, express trains, direct flights to Delhi is further accelerating the pace of development of the state. The Chief Minister said the blocks have an important role to play in providing opportunities to the people for various welfare schemes of the government. In the past, the lack of proper planning has made it difficult to complete various tasks.

He said it took eight years to build the old Agartala block office. But at present, in just one year, one thousand flats are being set up in the state under the lighthouse project. This is the difference between right and wrong. The Chief Minister said the government is emphasizing completing the work on time while maintaining the quality aspect in the state.

The support of various projects of the Central and State Governments is being extended to the real beneficiaries, rising above any kind of political color judgment. Today, Tripura is known all over the country for its various achievements in terms of development with the idea of development for all.

The Chief Minister handed over sewing machines to various beneficiaries, necessary documents for loan disbursement in the hands of self-help group representatives, dustbins for various Gram Panchayat Village Committees, agricultural inputs among farmers, and work order for ornamental fishing infrastructure in the hands of Soma Barman (Das).

The Chief Minister said that the government is considering the construction of a footbridge in the old Agartala block area and improving the services and quality of the primary health center in a positive manner.


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