Registration Of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland Must Not Cause Problems For Others : CM Neiphiu Rio



The Nagaland Government held a consultative meeting with the 14 Tribal Hohos, at the State Banquet Hall, Chief Minister’s Residential Complex, Kohima. Issues like boundary demarcation of Peren and Dimapur districts between Zeliang and Sumi tribes, Naga Tribunal, reservation for women in the urban legislative bodies, the institution of Gaon Burahs, etc. were discussed in the meeting.

Peren and Dimapur Boundary Issue

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, while delivering the Keynote Address  said  that “Long-pending demarcation of the administrative boundary between Peren and Dimapur districts needs to be discussed and settled amicably.” He informed that the Government in August 2019 had constituted a Cabinet sub-committee headed by the Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Pangnyu Phom to meet all the stakeholders and finalize the boundary between the two districts. The Cabinet sub-committee after due deliberations and looking into each issue and the floor scenario has advised an administrative boundary. However, he stated that there had been reservations expressed at the proposed demarcation from people on each side, based on their customs and traditions.

He informed that the Government will entrust the 14 Tribal Hohos of Nagaland to speak with the tribal leaders of both districts and clear up the matter as in line with customary practice without harming the age-old fraternal feelings between the tribes.

The dispute over the administrative boundary is adversely affecting the administrative affairs of both districts.

Naga Trubunal

On the issue of a Naga Tribunal Rio stated that in keeping with the 16-point agreement, a body like that on the State level can act as an Appellate Authority for the issues and disputes that have be dealt with Naga customary laws.

Such a Tribunal consisting of those who’ve expertise in customary law can assist settle many cases, that are complex, and which could now no longer be easily determined in present-day Courts. He additionally stressed the need for documentation and codification of the conventional laws because it will offer clarity on wherein the conventional laws can be invoked, and wherein different laws — Central or State laws—would need to be invoked. With the probability of getting a separate High Court withinside the near future, there’s a need to codify the customary laws urgently to avoid any possibility of confusion or over-lapping.

Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN)

Highlighting the implementation of the Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN), Rio said there was the dialogue at the want to enforce RIIN to protect the interests and rights of the Nagas and on the equal time, and make certain that all rightful citizens of India should not be denied what’s justifiably their rights. He added that the decision needs to be properly thought out, without creating any panic, chaos, or causing harassment to anyone or any community. On the implementation of RIIN, he urged the state-level committee to have a few extra rounds of discussions and work out the modalities for implementation.

Women Reservation and Urban Local Body (ULB) elections

Rio stated that it has turned into an unpleasant controversy and the Government has not been able to hold elections to the urban local bodies since 2008 and the last attempt to hold ULB elections in 2017 ended in sizeable agitation, and unfortunate incidents, leading to extreme law and order problems. Following that, a Cabinet Sub-Committee was constituted in August 2018 to study the problem, and advise approaches to clear up the issue, however, it couldn’t make any significant development on resolving this issue. By not holding the ULB elections, Rio informed that the State is deprived of substantial grants under the Finance Commission for undertaking numerous developmental activities.

Rio said that, as the society progresses, there’s a want for new institutions, such as ULBs and that we cannot turn out to be prisoners of our traditions. He requested the Tribal Hohos to take the issue of women reservation in ULBs withinside the proper spirit and to resolve the matter so that elections to ULBs can be held at the earliest.

Patton stated because of the incapability to return to a consensus on the matter, funds earmarked for ULBs under the Finance Commission Grants have got suspended and the State is going through grave difficulties in imparting fundamental amenities because of lack of resources.

Institution of Gaon Buras

The Chief Minister said “ The needs of urban settlements are quite different from rural areas and villages. And the nomenclature of Gaon Bura in a town itself is an anomaly and there is a need to look at the role and need of a Goan Bura in urban areas.” Therefore, the issues confronting them should be looked in all aspects.