Assam Announces Financial Assistance For Those Affected By Covid Lockdowns

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Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma today announced monetary relief for sections of the society hit hard by the covid induced economic crisis.

He was addressing the press the decisions taken in the state cabinet meeting and the accomplishments on the 100th day of the new BJP government under his leadership.

He announced that the Interstate bus drivers of Assam and handymen would receive Rs ten thousand as financial assistance through an online portal.

A few days back the interstate bus drivers and handymen had addressed a press meet where they had expressed their disappointment on the recent Covid SOP. The SOP had allowed for interstate travel for private vehicles but kept public transportation out of its ambit.

Along with the bus drivers and handymen, temple priests and caretakers of Naamghars (Vaishnavitre Community Hall) would be given financial assistance as well. CM Sarma also informed that soon assistance for street vendors shall be announced as well. Financial packages for cultural artistes are also in the pipeline as well.

These measures have come when various sections of the society are reeling from the covid induced economic crisis. Many of them were clamouring for financial assistance from the government.


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