Indian Army Deploys Bofors Anti-Aircraft Guns Along Sikkim Border

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Recently, the Indian Army has deployed Bofors Anti-Aircraft Guns along the Sikkim border, to tackle any further actions initiated by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Although, conflict along the India-China border might have decreased but the army is not ready to let its guard down.

With the deployment of Bofors Anti-Aircraft guns, the Indian Army has forwarded it’s shield, warning the Chinese Army to terminate any further trick against the nation. It is thereby ready to foil China’s any further evil designs.

Besides, Bofors Anti-Aircraft Guns, Arjun Tanks have also been deployed at the high altitudes.

Army has deployed Bofors Gun at over 12,000 ft in Sikkim. These are the same guns which unleashed any encroachments arriving from Pakistan during the 1999 Kargil War.

The ‘Bofors Gun’ gained an almost mythical status during the Second World War and was used by almost all the fighting forces.

It was used with particular success in the defence of London at the time of the German air raids during the Blitz.

Bombing of the British capital was a nightly occurrence for almost two months in 1940.

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