Nagaland Resident Transforms Bike Into Four-Wheeler Vehicle, To Tackle Slippery Roads

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A 40-yr-old man from Tuensang district, Nagaland has recently transformed his Pulsar 150cc bike into a four-wheeler vehicle.

The initiative has been undertaken to overcome the hurdles faced due to the slippery roads of Shamator town.

Identified as Yansomong Yimkhiung, the resident is an electrician by profession. He transformed the vehicle as a symbol of improvisation, inspite of not having any professional training on mechanical engineering.

“The reason I was motivated to build this was because of the fact that the roads are slippery in summer and moving from place to place is very difficult even within the confines of Shamator,” – stated by Yansomong during an interview with Nagaland Page.

Yimkhiung attended school till 5th standard, but interest to fix broken things, had untimely led him to build his own vehicle.

While elaborating the transformation process, Yimkhiung stated that he took rim of Maruti Van and welded it to bike rim.

He further added that incorporation helped him to retain the disc brakes of Maruti Van.

Besides, he kept the bike tyres to be more sensible, alongwith axle for rear wheel drive and suspension has also been taken from a Maruti Van, he added.

According to Yimkhiung, the total amount spent for transforming the vehicle is Rs. 20,000.

Originally from Khutur Village, Yimkhiung moved to Shamator town. He now resides with his spouse and four children.

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