Assam Mizoram Border Villages Starts Reconciliatory Measures

  • NET Web Desk

With the governments of Assam and Mizoram unsure about ways to solve the vexing Assam Mizoram border dispute, the villagers living near Vairengte where the ill-fated clash took place on July 26 have taken it upon themselves to restore normalcy in the area.

According to a Hindustan Times report, representatives of the villages of Assam and Mizoram met on the 21st of August 2021 at Lailapur in Assam as a step towards reconciliation between the residents of the area.

The Vairengte Joint Village Council delegation led by R Lalfamkima was in Lailapur agreed to allow people from either side to enter villages without any fear. Although ILP is needed to enter the villages however it won’t be stringently applied for the residents of the villages.

Lalfamkima who is also the chairman of the Village council told Hindustan Times “What happened on July 26 was unfortunate…We have decided to make our own rules which will be applicable only for the people of a few villages from both the sides. We have informed the Mizoram chief minister about our decisions and he has appreciated our attempt.”

Lalfamkima pointed that it won’t be easy to solve the border issues as both the states are clinging to two separate timelines. “Mizoram believes that the border should be divided based on the demarcation by British government’s Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR) in 1875, while Assam believes on a district demarcation done by (the) British government in 1933,” he told Hindustan Times.

The team from Assam was led by Raju Laskar, the ex-president of Chandnighat Gaon Panchayat. He pointed that people from Mizo villages near Vairengte visit Lailalapur for trade and commerce and both need each other.

Representatives of Vairengte Village Council in Mizoram visited chief minister Zoramthanga on the 26th of August to apprise him of the latest developments. According to reports, CM Zoramthanga expressed satisfaction with the new developments.  However, no such developments have taken place in Assam.