Nagaland : Kohima Education Society Shortlists 10 Books For ‘Gordon Graham Prize 2021’

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Recently, the Kohima Education Society (KES) has announced the books, shortlisted for 2021 Gordon Graham Prize for Naga Literature.

The Gordon Graham Prize for Naga Literature is named after Gordon Graham, who foundes the Kohima Educational Trust in 2004.

Aimed at recognizing the knowledge-keepers, the award will help to promote good writing, thereby rising the profiles of Naga writers.

KES in an update issued by Charles Chase and Dr Akum Longchari informed that an independent panel of three judges will review the shortlisted books.

Books shortlisted for Fiction Category include – Dreams & Chaos (Sentilong Ozukom); Once Upon a Time in Kohima (Konaei Shongdok); The Unlikely Indian (Nzan Kikon); Waiting for the Dust to Settle (Veio Pou).

Meanwhile, books shortlisted for Non-Fiction category include – A Beginner’s Guide to the Butterflies of the Himalayan Realm (Wonchi & Mhayani Murry); Infrastructure of Injustice: State and Politics in Manipur and Northeast Indict (Raile Rocky Zupao); The Chang Nagas: In Memory of our ancestors (Wongto Chingmak); The Lost Mission: A true story of love, sacrifice & betrayal (Pekingto Y Jimo); Thipuzu: A world of its own (Sezolu Khamu); A Girl Swallowed by a Tree: Lotha Naga Tales Retold (Nzanmongi Jasmine Patton).

Meanwhile, it further stated that winners of each category will be announced by November 2021.

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