Sikkim : SDF Cheli Morcha Demands Immediate Judicial Probe Into FIR Filed Against CM’s Political Secretary

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Recently, the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF), Cheli Morcha on Thursday demanded an expeditious judicial enquiry on the First Information Report (FIR) letter complaint, filed against CM’s Political Secretary, Jacob Khaling, dealing with molestation charges.

Mailed to Sikkim Police during July 2021, the case has been dismissed as defamatory by both Khaling and the alleged victim, Doncee Lama through their respective press meets.

It is pertinent tk mention here that Sikkim Police had also closed its enquiry into the matter.

This decision has been taken after the alleged victim herself denied the allegations, thereby referring the purported letter complaint as fake.

Addressing a press meet at SDF Bhawan, SDF Cheli Morcha Vice-President, Sakun Gurung stated that SDF party demands a judicial enquiry into the matter as serious allegations have been made in the particular letter complaint.

“The police investigation has not been satisfactory. We do not trust the police as they only take immediate action when it is related with opposition party but when it is a case involving the modesty of a woman and a senior leader, the police simply claims the letter is fake and closes the case. We request the State government to form a judicial committee headed by a retired judge under the supervision of the High Court of Sikkim to enquire into the matter,” – stated Gurung.

“We don’t want to blame anyone but want justice to be delivered and truth is revealed, said the SDF Cheli Morcha functionary. We will wait for a month’s time for the State government to initiate the independent judicial enquiry and if they fail, we are going to approach the National Women Commission,” she added.

Meanwhile, SDF Cheli Morcha General Secretary, Divya Sharma claimed that she had accompanied the alleged victim to Gangtok Sadar police station on July 24.

If there are CCTV cameras installed at various locations from Hospital Dara till Sadar police station, one can access those video footages and see us walking to the police station, she added.

She further claimed about her involving as an undisclosed chapter in the whole matter.

Sharma further added of revealing the link before a judicial committee or Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj, if any such requirement persists.

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