Sonu Sood To Be Brand Ambassador Of Delhi’s ‘Desh Ke Mentor’ Programme

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Sonu Sood has agreed to become the brand ambassador for Delhi’s ‘Desh ke Mentor’ initiative.

Under the initiative, experienced people from various domains at regular intervals shall guide students of government schools on studies, career and profession through periodic interactions, said Kejriwal.

This was announced in a joint press conference by Sonu Sood and  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi on the 27th of August 2021. According to a Hindustan Times report the initiative is likely to be launched in September.

Speaking to the media the Delhi Chief Minister informed that his government has put in every effort to transform Delhi’s government schools.

The report quoted Sood, “We have seen the model of governance in Delhi and how the whole school system has witnessed immense growth under that model. It is an honour for me to be the ambassador for such an initiative. There are thousands of school children who are talented but not privileged enough to have guidance, especially at a time when people have started looking beyond medical and engineering studies as the only two major choices. The recent lockdown and the hardships faced by people during the lockdowns highlighted the importance of education of children and the need to help them shape up their careers.”

Sonu Sood was seen helping across different cross-sections of the society in the times of the pandemic which has elevated his status from an actor to a socially responsible celebrity.

Sood said he will be one of the mentors under the initiative.

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