Consider PRCs For Arunachal’s Generational Assamese: ULFA-I

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In a statement sent to media houses, United Liberation Front of Assam (Independent) chairman Paresh Baruah has asked Arunachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister Pema Khandu to consider giving PRCs to the Assamese community living in the state for many generations.

ULFA-I’s appeal comes at a time when many from the Assamese community dwelling in Arunachal Pradesh ( erstwhile NEFA) are fearing delegitimization of their residency.

ULFA-I in its statement cited the bonhomie that the Assamese living here have experienced for many generations which are now in danger of vanishing due to the unavailability of PRC to these residents.

“Legacies of countless families are now being questioned and reduced to a piece of paper. The native Assamese speakers of Arunachal Pradesh have been denied the right to obtain their Permanent Resident Certificates (PRC),” the statement read.

Signing off the statement ULFA-I chairman makes a plea to CM Pema Khandu to preserve the ‘heritage’ of these families.


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