Assam CM Appeals To Avoid NH715 Passing Through Kaziranga

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August Floods in Assam is wreaking havoc all around the state as thousands of hectares are submerged and many displaced all around the state. Locally called ‘Bhado-Mohiya Baan’ (Floods in the month of Bhado/Bhadra) falling in August September is affecting the fauna of Kaziranga National Park much like in the past years.

As per reports, seventy percent of the park is underwater chasing away the hapless creatures to take shelter either in the high lands or the Karbi hills just across the NH715 which passes through the national park. According to an NDTV report, five animals have already died trying to reach higher areas.

One of the dead deer has been confirmed to have been killed by sharp weapons. Allegedly animals from Kaziranga especially deer that stray into human habitation trying to escape from floodwaters are killed and consumed.

Chief Minister of Assam Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has appealed for trucks and other vehicles to avoid using the NH715, if they can, to reach upper Assam and other connected areas. Director of Kaziranga Mr. Sivakumar informed NDTV that the passage of heavy vehicles has already been barred through the national highway. The park authorities are already issuing time cards to regulate the traffic moving through the park.

“We all take pride in Kaziranga National Park. In wake of floods causing displacement of Kaziranga animals & putting them (at) risk, may I appeal to truck / other vehicles to avoid NH 715 for commuting between lower & upper Assam & use NH 15 thru North Bank instead?” tweeted the Assam Chief Minister.


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