Tripura BJP MLA Questions Role Of Police Personnel In Curbing Cattle Smuggling



Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

According to reports, the role of the Tripura Police in international cattle smuggling is spreading anger in the minds of the people. There has been a mixed reaction across the northern district of Tripura after news broke about the collusion of a section of Panisagar police station with the cattle smugglers.

People of the area have expressed dissatisfaction with the work of Panisagar police station personnel. Hundreds of cows are being smuggled through the northern districts, with smugglers taking 10 to 15 cows in a small vehicle in a completely illegal and inhumane manner. Allegedly the police were playing the role of mute spectator even after being privy to everything.

On the 23rd of August 2021, the BSF, after being tipped off, seized two vehicles carrying cattle illegally to Fatikroy on the national highway under the Panisagar police station and handed them over to the Panisagar police.

According to reports the officials of Panisagar police station staged drama for the entire day and dismissed the vehicles with cows in the evening. According to sources, police officials have an arrangement with certain criminal elements of Boch Miah in Fatikroy.

MLA of Fatikroy, Sudhanshu Das has openly claimed that the cattle smuggling ring was linked to international cattle smugglers questioning the role of the police. He has claimed that the operations of such an international gang are undermining national security as well.

Residents of the area are baffled at the role of Pasinagar police when on the other hand BSF is taking strict measures to stop cattle smuggling. The answer as they say is ‘blowing in the wind’.