TMC Threatening Tripura BJP Workers From West Bengal, Claims Karyakartas

Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

BJP karyakartas of Tripura Pradesh have claimed that they are being threatened by Trinamool Congress leaders of West Bengal to shift allegiances.

Allegedly BJP karyakartas are receiving threatening calls from unidentified numbers asking them to join Trinamool Congress.

Sources alleged that the workers and supporters loyal to BJP in Tripura have been found receiving calls from an unknown number +913335005568 bearing the STD code of West Bengal.

A BJP worker in the condition of anonymity said “The caller asked me to join Trinamool and if I refuse then terrible things are waiting for me in near future”.

Tripura Sports Council secretary and BJP leader Amit Rakshit has requested the police to take action.

In his Twitter handle, he wrote “Threatening calls to join #TMC straight from once City of Joy now terror ‘Kolkata‘. @Tripura_Police should take them to task. Ei Shob Cholbena”.

“This is unbelievable. How come an opposition political party is resorting to such desperate practices to threaten workers of the ruling party? This should be stopped and strict punitive action must be ensured by the police”, another worker said.