Civilian-Army Joint Spiritual Trek Flagged Off In Arunachal Pradesh

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Recently, the Indian Army organized an impressive flag-off ceremony of the Civil-Army Joint Religious trek to Athu-Popu in presence of the Officers and the Indian Army.

Flagged off by Brig. Deepak Gaur, Cdr. 117 Mountain Brigade; and Minga Sherpa, IAS Deputy Commissioner, Anini – the headquarters of the Dibang Valley district, Arunachal Pradesh, this trek is a 17-day long expedition.

The joint trek to Athu-Popu shall be led by the Everester, Tine Mena with the members from the Dibang Adventures.

Athu-Popu is a sacred place for the Idu Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

Situated nearly about 220 kms away from Anini via Malinye – the last motorable village of Etalin Circle Headquarters, this sacred placed is adjacent to Indo-China border at an elevation of about 3500 meters from the sea level.

According to the mythology of Idu Mishmi tribe, the souls of the ancestors live in Athu-Popu, and after one departs even their souls are guided to Athu-Popu by the Igus (Priest/shaman).

“At this sacred place, a big mass of stone stands alone, which is believed the priest Sinerwu once cried on this scared stone on getting the news of his mother’s death. The stone still bears the impression of the priest’s palms and his tears, as believed. There is also a wild paddy field near Athu-Popu, believed to be cultivated by the departed souls on their onward journey.” – stated by Arunachal Pradesh Government Official Website.

Mythological characters like Sinerwu, a first Idu Priest, who still holds high place and reverence in the minds of the people.

The prints of his palm on the huge rocks at Athu Popu near Keyala Pass in Dibang Valley district on China border, is considered supreme and holy shrine.

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