Naga Political Negotiations : NSF Unhappy With Governor’s Role

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Recently, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has accused the Governor, RN Ravi, in regard to Indo-Naga political negotiation.

It informed that Ravi has distorted the “historical truth” of Nagaland residents, and his “continued glorification of NPC and the 16th Point Charter of demands.”

“Naga leaders played significant roles in the constitutional evolution of India,” – asserted by NSF through a release.

“His continued glorification of the NPC and the 16th Point charter of demands which had long been disowned by the Naga people through his various acts of patronizing its founders and leaders is another matter of great concern to the Naga youth and students.” – the statement further added.

The Naga youths and students are fed up of his rhetoric with the intent to divide the Naga people.

Besides, the release mentioned that Governor’s claims and successive misadventures only reveals his shallow understanding of the Naga history and also the narrow walls within which he has been trying to solve the vexed Indo-Naga Political Issue.

Furthermore, it undermines and belittles the very people he has been assigned to have a political dialogue in-order to pave the way for lasting peace and tranquility all over the Naga homeland.

The Federation further reiterates that such a divisive mind at the helm of affairs from the Indian side in the political negotiation, the current peace process becomes doubtful to be enduring.

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