Harvinder Singh Becomes First Indian To Win Medal For Archery In Paralympics

Image Credit : Dean Alberga/DUTCHTARGET


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On Friday, September 3, the Indian archer Harvinder Singh has clinched India’s first-ever archery medal in Paralympic Games, thereby etching a history in the sport culture.

The 31-yr-old archer beat South Korea’s Kim Min Su in the shoot-off to bag India’s 13th medal at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

Marked World No.23, Singh was the first athlete from India to win a gold medal at a major para competition in the 2018 Asian Games.

An economics scholar from the Punjabi University, Singh collected three shoot-off wins, commencing with his triumphs in the opening rounds.

The Indian responded in perfect aim, and shooting a perfect 10 against Kim’s 8 for a 6-5 (26-24, 27-29, 28-25, 25-25, 26-27) (10-8) win.

Harvinder marked his commendable resilience in the individual event by defeating Italy’s Stefano Travisani before winning against Russian Paralympic Committee’s Bato Tsydendorzhiev and Maik Szarszewksi.

But, he lost to American Kevin Mather in the semis, and entering for the bronze medal match.

PM Modi has also congratulated the archer for achieving the feat. “Outstanding performance by @ArcherHarvinder. He displayed great skill and determination, resulting in his medal victory. Congratulations to him for winning a historic Bronze medal. Proud of him. Wishing him the very best for the times ahead.” – PM Modi tweeted.