Afghan Women Defies Taliban, Hold Protests In Kabul

– NET Web Desk

Recently, a group of Afghan women protested near the presidential palace in Kabul, thereby demanding equal rights from the Taliban and inclusion of women into its government.

As the nation’s new rulers seek international recognition, and affirming on peaceful deliberations of its government, totally snatching away all rights from women have now mounted immediate concern.

Taliban now face the urgent challenge of governing a war-ravaged country, immensely dependent on international aid.

The Taliban has promised an inclusive government with the implementation of moderate Islamic Law.

But its barbaric reign for almost decades has caused panic among the women of Afghanistan.

Around 20 women with microphones, who allowed the demonstration to proceed have now been gathered under the watchful eyes of Taliban gunmen.

“No society will make progress without women’s active role. Therefore, women’s political participation in the future government and its cabinet should be considered,” TOLO News quoted civil society activist Tarannom Saeedi as saying.