Nagaland: Dolly Kikon’s ‘Seasons of Life’ Selected For International Film Exhibition

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‘Seasons of Life : Foraging and Fermenting Bambooshoot during Ceasefire’ a documentary focusing on the everyday life of Naga women has been selected for the ‘International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) 2021 Congress’.

It is among 21 films selected from across the globe for ‘Indigenous and Ethnographic Film Exhibition’.

The directorial debut of author Dolly Kikon, is a depiction of the food cultures of Nagaland.

One of the significant highlight of ‘Seasons of Life’ is the ceasefire period that coincided with outmigration of youth from villages across the Naga ancestral culture.

It portrays the beautiful memories of homes, including the seasonal dishes like – fermented bamboo shoot.

Dolly Kikon is an anthropologist who teaches at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Her work focuses on the political economy of extractive resources, migration, development initiatives, gender relations, food cultures, and human rights in India.

Besides, Kikon is also the author of two books ‘Leaving the Land: Indigenous Migration and Affective Labour in India’ and ‘Living with Oil and Coal: Resource Politics and Militarization in Northeast India’.

Furthermore, the 21 films selected for the following exhibition includes – ‘Magia e poder: fronteiras entre o sagrado e o’, authored by Gyovanni Alves y Lucas Pipollos; ‘Maasai Speak Back’ authored by Vanessa Wijngaarden; ‘Goat Breakfast’ authored by Vanessa Wjingaarden; ‘Misioneros del temporal’ authored by Jimena Leonor Paz Navarro; ‘Empalaos – Valverde de la Vera’ authored by Iria Sanjurjo Fernandez; ‘Living Water’ authored by Pavel Borecky; ‘Tobacni spomini’ authored by Manca Filak; A Korean Movie authored by Ying Wang; ‘Volverte a ver’ authored by Carolina Corral Paredes; ‘Guli Armug’ on: Women’s Local Islamic Ritual in Uzbekistan’ authored by Adham Ashirov and Seika Wazaki; ‘Sleeping Objects’ authored by Ingrid Kummels; ‘Esta es Mi Cara’ authored by Angelica Cabezas Pino; ‘Nossas Maos Sao Sagradas’ authored by Julia Morim; ‘Mori No Muraburi’ authored by Yu Kaneko & Yuma Ito; ‘The Enchanted Words of the Hupdah of the Amazon-Masters of Knowledge’ authored by Rad Mina; ‘Los favores’ authored by Ferdinando Alfonso Armenta Irutetagoyena; ‘Ahuaques, los duendes del agua’ authored by Aaron Alvarez & Saudhi Batalla; ‘Chem, maestros lacandones’ authored by Alberto Soto Villalpando; ‘Na savi: memorias de un nino migrante’ authored by Epifanio Garcia Moreno y Valentina Glockner; ‘Yermo’ authored by Everardo Gonzalez.


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