Arunachal Pradesh: Five Changlang Villages Free Themselves From The Deadly Grip Of Drugs

• Tanu Bulo, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

Five villages of Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh namely- Kengkhu, Phongtip, Hatongchu, Longvi and Longka have been declared drug-free by the district administration. These villages were once infested with the scourge of Drug addiction, affecting the youth in particular.

41 youths from these five villages had completed month-long de-addiction course at the de-addiction centre, Bordumsa. Certificates were given away to these youths for successfully undergoing the de-addiction course.

Further, Gram Sabhas of these villages have adopted a resolution to ensure that de-addicted youths do not relapse. They have decided to build, a strong support system around the former drug users to constantly monitor and support them.

It is a positive development for the region since as per the Narcotics Control Bureau of India report, Changlang is among 272 vulnerable districts across the country afflicted by Substance Abuse.