Taliban Claim Victory In Panjshir As Pak Army Gets Involved

  • NET Web Desk

The Taliban on Monday has claimed that it has captured the Panjshir Valley. AFP quoting Taliban sources has reported that the resistance fighters of the last ‘free’ Afghan province has called for a ‘ceasefire’.

However the according to NDTV India reports, pockets of resistance are still intact in strategic positions of Pansshir and are continuing their counter-attacks against the Taliban.

Meanwhile, reports are streaming in about the alleged involvement of the Pak Army in Taliban raids of Panjshir. A Pak army helicopter was seen on an airfield near Panjshir. NDTV reports have also claimed that Pak Army soldiers are taking part in the attack over Panjshir in the guise of Taliban Mujahideens.

This latest assault of the Taliban has led to the killing of Ahmad Masood’s spokesman Fahim Dasti Panjshir, who was leading the war against the Taliban, during the war with the Taliban. Dasti was a well-known journalist and was acting as a spokesperson of the resistance.