Chairman Abhijit Asom Is A Fiction Created By ULFA-I: Paresh Baruah

  • NET Web Desk

In an explosive reveal United Liberation Front Of Assam Independent’s Chief Paresh Baruah has informed that its Chairman Abhijit Asom was a creation to bamboozle to security forces and intelligence agencies of India. He made this information public while in an interview with a Guwahati-based Assamese news channel.

The information comes in the wake of a major reshuffle in the organizational structure of ULFA-I. Interestingly ULFA- I have since 2011 projected Abhijit Asom as its Chairman in the media and among the public.

When asked about the image circulated as the image of Abhijit Asom, ULFA-I Chief commented that the person in question is Dr. Mukul Hazarika who is a doctor by profession and a human rights activist.

However, questions are being raised on the veracity of the ULFA-I Chairman’s statement. Several sources have claimed that Dr. Mukul Hazarika is Abhijit Asom who has been dormant for some years due to personal reasons.