Ferries Collide, Capsize Over Brahmaputra, Over Hundred Unaccounted For

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In a heart-wrenching incident at Jorhat, Assam, two ferries laden with passengers collided over Brahmaputra near Nimatighat in Jorhat Assam. The ferry ‘Ma Kamala’ was leaving Nimatighat for Majuli when it collided with ‘Tripkai’ which was inbound to the same river port. Hundreds of passengers aboard both the ferries have reportedly drowned with search and rescue operations underway.

The ferried plying between Nimatighat and Majuli carry goods and vehicles as well and the ferries in question were carrying them as well. “I was on one of the ferries when the collision took place. I saved myself my bike fell into the river,” recounted one of the survivors who could reach the safely of the shore.

As soon as the people on the riverbank witnessed the collision of the ferries and both of them being capsized many of them jumped on their boats and rushed to rescue the drowning souls.

As to the number of passengers in both the ferries the exact number is still unclear. According to passenger of the the ferries both were overloaded. Reportedly, nearly 150 of them were present will hundreds still unaccounted for.

The incident which took place in the late afternoon of 8th of September has cast a pall of gloom over the area with many now concerned for the safety of their loved ones.

The ferry service from Jorhat acts as a lifeline for southern parts of Majuli with people depending on it for ferrying of passengers, goods, vehicles etc. However, with such an accident taking place the safety of the ferries and boats is  being questioned.


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