Nagaland Business Owners Express Concern Over Rampant ‘Tax’ Collection

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Recently, the Business Association of Naga (BAN) has informed that unabated tax collection by different Naga political groups on various consumer items have exceeded all tolerance, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It further informed that Nagaland hit by the pandemic has severely impacted the economy and local entrepreneurs of the state.

Further, directives issued by government had affected almost all businesses, thereby putting them to verge of closures.

In a press release, the Association said that Naga business owners are still facing the deadly pandemic.

It has severely impacted the whole supply chain from production to marketing processes.

“Even under such circumstances, the continued unreasonable demands by the armed groups is the last straw that will break the entrepreneurial spirit of a small emerging group of local young people, who prefer to live a dignified life with their sweat and toil,” – stated BAN.

“Forced extortion now operates like a well-oiled machinery that dodges all surveillance of the Government agencies and is the only obnoxious industry that seems to be thriving during these unprecedented times.” – further added by the Association.

The Association also claimed that juveniles are utilized as tax collectors, asserting “disturbing trend” which needs to get changed immediately.

It added that ceasefire ground rules have allowed the arm card holders to collect tax from various business houses.

BAN also reiterated the Naga public mandate of “One Government, One Tax” as declared on the October 31, 2013.

Regarding the matter, BAN has questioned, “When we pay tax to the Government, why can’t the State machineries be deployed efficiently to curb this menace that is going around rampantly?”

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