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Life In Limbo is an Indie/Alternative Rock band from Manipur having their presence felt in the music arena of the Northeast after their debut in 2019. They have mesmerised the audience with their soulful music within a short period. In conversation with Parthona Phukan, the band speaks more about their journey and music.

When was the band formed? What are your aims/plans?.

Life In Limbo was formed around mid-2019. We are high school friends who had a knack for music so whenever we had time, we’d hang out and have jamming sessions.

Around mid-2019, we were asked to play in a musical event but we didn’t have a name for the band and we needed a name. So, after some brainstorming and head-scratching, we came up with the name Life In Limbo.

We aim to reach our music to the masses, keep making good music and have a good time.

What makes Life in Limbo unique?

Everybody is unique in their own right and because of the dynamic between the band members, from our bassist, George’s soul-lifting jokes to our drummer, Thoungamba’s passion for hard work makes the band truly unique.

Every one of you has your strengths and in a way, you are contributing to the band in your unique way. So will you please tell us about your contribution to the band?

Life In Limbo is made up of five very special people

Felix Yumnam – The vocalist of our band, he’s also responsible for the choreography of the band. He’s charismatic and has a way of swaying the crowd.

Shymand Rajkumar – The lead guitarist of our band, he knows his way around guitars and is our band UBER. Whenever we have to meet up, he’ll always come to pick us up and he’s always hungry.

Yumnam Thengra – The rhythm guitarist of our band, he’s silent most of the time, mysterious or so you’d say. He’s was on a hiatus so, he wasn’t as active socially.

George Laishram – The bassist and heart of the band. His jokes and personality never fail to lift us up

Thoungamba Khundongbam – The drummer of our band, he’s passionate about the things he loves so, he ends up working the hardest. All of us admire this part about him.

Let’s look into our latest single, “Nangna Lapna”. The story behind the song in the words of the lyricists – “It’s hard, isn’t it?… Knowing that the one person you wish to be forever next to you is not there for you to see every day, for you to feel his/her touch or to hear him/her laugh. It’s harder than your heart yearns for his/her love yet it seems so far fetched. But, the next second, all the loneliness, the missing and the longingness, all the painful feelings that your heart experience turns into mana which heals your heart and soul on the realisation that because of the love we have for that one person, we could outlive hell on earth.”

Can we say that Life in Limbo provides a platform for the youth who are interested in music?

We’re not sure yet. Life In Limbo is still in its early years and we still don’t know what path we’ll take or what this will evolve into. I hope we’ll be able to inspire and kindle upcoming talents but only time will tell.

Tell us about the performance you have done?

Our performances have been limited to smaller music events. Wildernest, if we have to name one. However, we haven’t got the opportunity to play at a big festival/event so, we’re looking forward to participating in one. We also usually do Saturday night gigs.

Are you planning for a new music project?

We do have a plethora of new projects in store. We’ll be releasing them soon so, tune in.

How would you describe your music?

We don’t have a specific genre for our music but if we have to describe it, we’d say it’s a blend of indie alternative rock with subtle hints of pop. We’re still experimenting at the moment so, our music might evolve as we grow as a band.

Any message you would like to give through this interview?

To spread positivity and good vibes.

(The story has been published in the July issue of Northeast Today)

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