Fresh Violence In Myanmar Push More Refugees To Mizoram

Image Source - Mizo Zeitgeist

– Ezrela Dalidia Fanai

After the September 10th gunfight between the Myanmar military and members of the National Unity Government (NUG) at Lungler Army Camp and the subsequent overtake of the Army Camp by the opposition forces, Mizoram is witnessing a fresh influx of Myanmar nationals seeking safety at the various districts that border Myanmar.

Sources have reported that the incident occurred after the Burmese government in exile- the National Unity Government called for a countrywide uprising against the Myanmar military last week.

Residents of Lungler were seen fleeing to Cherhlun, Ngharchip crossing the Tiau river at the Indo-Myanmar border. According to the refugees villages after villages are becoming empty as their residents are trying to escape the fresh escalation of violence.

Secretary of Tuipuiral Group Young Mizo Association, B.Challianngura stated that 307 Myanmar Nationals have taken refuge at Vaphai, Thekte, Khankawn and Khawbung villages. All have been quarantined at makeshift houses and empty schools.

District administrations of Champhai district have also stated that around 1650 Myanmar nationals have been camping at Champhai district since the military coup that took place in February.

Sources from Lawngtlai district also reported that after the September 10 incident, around 40 Myanmarese have taken shelter at Lungpher village, 20 at Tlangpui village and a few are on the way to Pangkhua village and are expected to reach the village by September 12 nightfall.

Talking to Media persons a Chin National Army commander informed that the Junta has indeed entered many parts of the areas near the Mizoram border but they are facing stiff resistance.

Hnahthial district has also witnessed around 60 fresh influx of Myanmarese nationals.


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