Trade Strike In Dimapur On September 16 To Protest Taxation By Political Groups

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Recently, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) to highlight it’s first phase of protest against Nagaland government has called for a “total shutdown” on September 16 in Dimapur.

The decision has been undertaken against state government’s failure to address all grievances.

According to DCCI President Akashe Zhimomi, “multiple transactions” or rampant tax collection by various Naga Political Groups (NPGs) has stood as a challenge for the business establishments across the state.

He further informed that total shutdown will include – entry restrictions of goods transport into Dimapur as against various DMC taxes/fees at check gates are been collected on GST items.

“The state government has so far not taken any concrete steps or gave assurance on the issue of illegal and multiple taxations. The one-day total shutdown is the first phase of the business community’s protest against the inaction of the state government and its machinery,” added by Zhimomi.

He did not disclose the next course of action to maintain if the government fails to address their grievances at the earliest.

Furthermore, Akashe added that DCCI would be compelled to follow extreme course of action with “Plan B” by imposing “indefinite shutdown” of the commercial hub of Nagaland.

Recently, the Business Association of Naga (BAN) has informed that unabated tax collection by different Naga political groups on various consumer items have exceeded all tolerance, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Association further claimed that juveniles are utilized as tax collectors, asserting “disturbing trend” which needs to get changed immediately.