Manipur : Meetei Community Demands ST Status


  • NET Web Desk

Recently, the Manipuri Meitei Association Bangalore (MMAB) on behalf of the Meetei diaspora has submitted a memorandum to the CM for including ethnic Meetei/Meitei community in the Scheduled Tribe (ST) list.

This memorandum urges for complete protection of state valley districts, such as any scheduled lands under Sixth Schedule of Constitution of India.

Through a 7 point memorandum, MMAB noted that Meetei is one of the smallest indigenous communities with unique customs and traditions.

If population is taken into context, Meetei/Meitei is smaller than Naga and Chin-Kuki groups in the North East, said MMAB.

The release further notes that Meeitei community is most eligible for inclusion in the ST list as it fulfils the criteria laid down for inclusion of a community in the ST list.

MMAB also laid down criterias like – indicative primitive traits (collective cultural belief rooted in animism, primitive healing tradition); distinctive culture (citing unique creation stories, Lai-Haraoba festival); geographical isolation; backwardness (citing low per capita income when compared to ST Nagas and ST Kukis).

The ST status to the Meetei/Meitei community will ensure there are restrictions on procurement of land in the valley districts, the association noted.

The association shared that revenue land, residing area of Meetei/Meitei community is should not be transferable to non-indigenous citizens.