Afghan Man Of Indian-Origin Abducted In Kabul


  • NET Web Desk

On Wednesday, September 14, a 50-yr-old Afghan man of Indian origin was reportedly abducted at gunpoint from his shop in the eleventh police district of Kabul, said by Indian World Forum (IWF) President, Puneet Singh Chandhok.

Identified as Bansri Lal Arendeh, the victim operated a business of pharmaceutical products.

According to official reports, Arendeh was on usual routine along with his staff when they were abducted around 8 AM on Monday, September 13.

Although his staff managed to escape after being beaten mercilessly, Arendeh is still kept under hostage.

Bansri’s family resides in Faridabad, an area adjacent to Delhi.

The IWF President asserted that local communities are in contact with concerned officials.

Besides, a case has been filed with local investigative agencies and various searches were conducted to locate Bansri.

Chandhok added that he informed about the incident to Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The Ministry have been requested to initiate immediate intervention and assistance on the aforementioned matter.

“I have informed about the same to the Ministry of External Affairs and requested their immediate intervention and assistance in this regard,” – said Puneet Singh Chandhok.