Meghalaya Assembly Gives Indigenous Touch To National Anthem

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Marking a historic commencement of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly 2021 session, the house rolled-out with a melodious rendition of the National Anthem.

The rendition aimed to give an indigenous touch to National Anthem ahead of the 50th anniversary of Meghalaya Statehood Day.

Infused with traditional music instruments of Meghalaya, the rendition underlined the diversity of the nation.

The background overtone was basically the idea of Meghalaya Assembly Speaker, Metbah Lyngdoh, a gifted musician himself.

He thought of creating a perfect diversified prelude of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ by merging subtle beats of traditional musical instruments.

The momentous arrangement of the national anthem was recorded at Marqbac Studio in Shillong.

It has been jointly produced by renowned singer and songwriter, Lamphang Syiemlieh.

Apart from Syiemlieh, nine other vocalists from the state, as well as his own troupe of instrumentalists also participated in the project.

Syiemlieh made sure there was no legal or constitutional bar on improvising the National Anthem.

“I found out the rules and regulations in order not to run into any problems later on. We started working on the project after confirming what is permitted and what is not,” – stated Mr. Syiemlieh.

The traditional instruments used for the rendition include the ‘bom’, a single-headed large kettledrum played by Banshai Mukhim, the two-string ‘duitara’ played by Haniel Reuel Kharlukhi, the ‘ksing’, a percussion instrument played by Franky Mylliemngap and ‘chigring’, a bamboo stump with strings played by Phrangsngi Wahlang.

However, the guitar and Indian classical instruments such as sitar and cymbals were also used for the traditional version.

The entire arrangement has been jointly produced in collaboration with the Meghalaya Secretariat.

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