“China Will Take Arunachal Pradesh By 2035-40”, Bizarre Chinese Article Doing Rounds

Source : AFP


  • NET Web Desk

Recently, a bizarre article on China’s war theory has been doing rounds depicting its future plans with neighbours, and attaining tight grip over some areas through a phased manner.

On 2013, a Chinese website named Sohu has claimed of the following article, creating tensions around the globe.

It all commences with a propaganda that China will be at war from 2020-2025 to unify it with its mainland while sending an ultimatum to Taiwan government in 2020.

It’s next phase of war will be for South China sea.

However, the report claimed that US will not directly confront China but will push Vietnam and the Philippines to take on the Communist nation’s powerful army since the US have learnt required lessons from their inventions in Taiwan, it claimed.

China’s third war will be for Arunachal Pradesh with India between 2035-2040.

It asserted that China will engage in “reconquest” of “Southern Tibet” which China depicts as India’s Arunachal Pradesh, that shares a border with Tibet.

The Sohu report also mentioned that China’s ambitions in the Senkaku Islands with the start of the “fourth war” between 2040 to 2045 and conflict over Outer Mongolia from 2045 to 2050.

In the end, China will finally go to war with Russia from 2055-2060, thereby reclaiming all lost territories.

The report further claimed that PLA will easily beat the Russian forces to attain back all its territories.