Tripura Looks To Attract Investments In Bamboo, Agarwood With Mega Investment Summit


Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura


Tripura Industries and Commerce department is going to host a national-level investment summit in collaboration with the Indian Chamber of Commerce in December 2021.

The core motive of the summit is to attract investment in progressive agriculture, bamboo, rubber, and newly added ‘Agar’ wood cultivation and processing.

A high-level official of the department said “As per the planning, our goal is to hold the summit in December. Because, before holding any big summit like this, we have to make arrangements of adequate investors through pre-summit meetings. Through the pre-summit meetings, the investors are made aware of the whole scenario of the state. The geographical backdrop and resources those have potential to return the invested money with a good share of profit”.

The official also said that massive arrangements would be put in place to make the summit a successful attempt. “These kinds of attempts create a link between the state and the investors. These links can be further utilized for bringing more investment that will pave way for a strengthened business sector of the state. The arrangements planned will be triple the size of the trade fair that will be held at the International fairground in Hapania”, the official added.


Meanwhile, curtain raisers would be organized at Delhi, Mumbai and few other destinations as a prelude to the mega event. The official asserted “Delhi and Mumbai are fixed. A team of higher officials will leave for these two places in October 2021. Few other destinations are also in the target but that subject to the approval from ministry”.