Investments To Promote Northeast’s Unique Products Need Of The Hour : Former Envoy

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The former Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan and Myanmar Gautam Mukhopadhaya shared that experts seek higher investment in the North Eastern regions, in order to boost the economy.

He asserted the same while addressing a seminar on India-Bangladesh relations.

“More investment was needed in increasing productivity in the NE region rather than merely concentrating on improving connectivity which had been the thrust area for boosting the economy of the region in recent years,” – Mukhopadhaya added.

He asserted about unique products of NE region which are yet to attain Geographical Indicator (GI) mark.

Besides, these products require effective promotion, while efforts should be made to export such products under ‘NE Brand’.

He added, in order to place them on markets, approaches should be made with focus on development of small farmers, instead of just investing to maintain a strong connectivity.

It is pertinent to note that potential products from the region – Mandarin orange, Kiwi, Assam lemon, both black and red rice, jackfruit, banana, chilli and ginger as well as upcoming products such as bamboo shoots, organic honey, passion fruit, buckwheat, and other products have high demand in the international market.

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