Eviction Of ‘Illegal Settlements’ In Assam Turns Violent, Two Deaths Reported

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Eviction of ‘illegal settlers’ in Sipajhar, Assam turned ugly today when the residents and police personnel clashed in Dhalpur today. According to reports coming in two individuals have reportedly died and several have been injured from both sides.

Assam Government for the last few days has been evicting ‘illegal’ villages near Siphajhar as it plans to set up Agri and allied activity-based Garukhuti Project.

The situation turned ugly when those residing in Dhalpur started protesting while barricading their illegally settled ‘village’. Despite several warnings, the villagers did not budge from their position and continued protesting. The tense situation rapidly deteriorated and turned violent.

The police first fired in the air then lobbed tear gas shells to scare them away and disperse the crowd. When it did not work they resorted to rubber bullets and later to live ammunition when two of the ‘settlers died.

The police were also attacked with machetes, sticks, and other implements and sustaining injuries.

As per reports, the situation has not calmed down and the area has been manned with a heavy police presence.

As per reports many more than 1000 bighas of land have been made ‘settlement-free for the ambitious co-operative based Agri-Project. The whole project is being supervised by MLA Padma Hazarika who made his name by developing the mega cooperative ‘Kanyaka’ farm in his home constituency Sootea and engaging hundreds of unemployed youths in it.

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