Nagaland : Sumi Student Body Warns Residents Of Frauds Seeking Donations In Its Behalf

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  • NET Web Desk

Recently, the Western Sumi Students Union (WSSU) has announced the prohibition of any Sumi residents seeking donations and financial assistance in the name of any student organization operating within its jurisdiction.

Through a press release, the WSSU Publicity and Information secretary, Iuto V Swu stated that union has notified all business committees, functioning within its jurisdiction of not  entertaining such kind of donations without receiving the consent of WSSU.

The union has further cautioned that strict action would be initiated against any such  perpetrators.

Meanwhile, WSSU has informed all business establishments to report its office, if any such incident occurs.

The union have also provided contact numbers 8837302247 and 8787617507 for obtaining necessary information and queries.