Wokha Churches Conflict : Sec 144 CrPC Imposed In 3 Localities Of Wokha Till Sep 28

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The Wokha District Magistrate (DM) Orenthung Lotha has imposed Sec 144 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in some regions of Wokha town.

This decision has been undertaken in order to maintain public peace.

It urges to prevent all possible law and order issue between the Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC) and three Independent Churches in certain areas of Wokha town.

According to the DM, the order would remain in force till September 28.

The prohibitory orders have been imposed in areas within 100 meters perimeter from Office of the Deputy Commissioner, and within 100 meters perimeters of the Church, apartments, residential buildings.

This order will be imposed in Saron Colony, Vungoju Colony, NST Colony Of Wokha.

“There were reports of clashes which were likely to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in certain localities.” – the order stated.

The DM further highlighted that there were every reason to believe and apprehend that grave situation, which could endanger human life and property as well as breach of public peace and tranquility was likely to be created at any moment arising due to the issue.