KTM Riders Of Bodoland Beware! BTC Chief Mulls A Ban On Them

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BTC Chief Pramod Boro blamed riders of KTM motorcycles being the cause of the maximum number of road accidents in the BTR. Speaking to the media persons he warned, “If some of the KTM bike riders do not mend their ways, do stop driving rashly or keep on drinking and driving we shall be forced to stop the sale and distribution of KTM motorcycles in the area.”

Boro alluded to the reports that KTM bikes were found in the maximum motorcycle or bike-related accidents in Bodoland. Trying to prove his point the BTC chief compared the Enfield riders and the KTM ones. “The Enfield riders reach their destination without any incidents compared to the KTM ones”.

He expressed his anguish about the deaths caused by the frequent bike-related accidents. “When these youngsters die or kill somebody while rashly riding their motorcycles the pain they cause to the families is immense. We cannot allow this to continue.

Pramod Boro’s statement on KTM related accidents elicited mixed responses from the public. While most of them seem to be welcoming of his stance many have opined that rather than the Motorcycle the riders need to be blamed.

Originally an Austrian sports car and motorcycle manufacturer, KTM has achieved resounding success with its signature naked street style motorcycle in India. Currently Bajaj Auto is a 47% stakeholder in the company. Recently KTM celebrated 10 years of operations in collaboration with Bajaj Auto.

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