Hidden Cicada Species Discovered After A Century In The Naga Hills


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Recently, a team of researchers have discovered a new cicada species, scientifically termed Platyomia kohimaensis from Naga Hills, Nagaland.

This rare species has been discovered by the Associate Professor of North-Eastern Hill University Dr. SR Hajong, and Dr. Limatemjen, State Science College at Jotsoma, Nagaland.

Considered as a periodical cicada, this species is referred as one of the significant discovery by the entomologists.

This cicada species sings only in the dusk for a few hours, which sounds like a continuous cackling.

Cicadas are members of the superfamily Cicadoidea and are physically distinguished by their stout bodies, broad heads, clear-membraned wings, and large compound eyes.

There are more than 3000 species of cicadas, which fall into roughly two categories : annual cicadas, which are spotted every year, and periodical cicadas, which spend most of their lives underground and only emerge once every decade or two.

It is pertinent to note that annual cicadas generally live for two to five years. While, periodical cicadas occur most years in different geographic regions as they split among 15 brood cycles, each lasting for 13 or 17 years.