The Rise Of Gaming Industry In Northeast India

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Nowadays, gaming has become an important source of entertainment and there is no denying the fact that gaming stands at the pinnacle of entertainment. Developers have been working overtime and have come up with products like never before. All thanks to the developers, we now have a completely new and improvised gaming industry that is not responsible for generating income and jobs but also a great source of entertainment. Among different places where the gaming industry is booming, one place is in Northeast India. 

The gaming industry of Northeast India has left no stone unturned in providing a comfortable gaming experience to the people. In this region of the country, the developers seem to know their audience and constantly provide them with the games and products that best meet their style. This all has helped the gaming industry in that region grow and expand & eventually reach the top. 

How Did The Gaming Industry Rise?

This extensive growth and expansion of the gaming industry in the Northeast can be considered as the beginning of a new era. It is all the start of a new era and a unique form of entertainment that is taking control over the market and the whole consumer base seems to be happy with what they are receiving from the market. 

Beginning of A New Era

There is a lot to explore in this market, from action-oriented games to sports and various other categories and this will help you to get an idea of this gaming industry in the market. While a lot of different categories of games are available there, one specific category is most popular across the whole region, and making all the noise includes the games involving the money and elements of gambling. 

This is just one special category of gaming that is popular across that region but that is not the only category that is popular. All sorts of games are popular whether they are gambling games like TeenPatti Game or normal and relaxing games like Klondike Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Freecell, Spider Solitaire, etc.

Northeast Esports Summit

With gamers being all around the corners, it was just a matter of time that Northeast witnessed an Esports summit and it was transformed into reality by NODWIN Gaming that brought the Northeast Esports Summit to life last year. The prize pool of the various competitions was hitting lakhs and everyone was required to bring their A-level game to the table. Players were drawn into the mix and were happy to explore all that was offered to them.

The Esports Summit organized by NODWIN not only included a specific format for every game but was also willing to bend over to the creative side. Due to the popularity and growth of the gaming industry in the region, the Northeast Esports Summit was organized and in upcoming years, the region is going to witness many more such events.

Government Regulation

With the rise in the popularity of the gaming industry and more & more people interested in gaming, the state governments have finally broken their silence and came up with new regulations. In the state of Meghalaya, the Government regulated both gaming and gambling under a license-based regime in 2021. Along with Meghalaya, two other states have this license-based regime and it includes the state of Nagaland and Sikkim. 

All of this is very helpful for the people who are into gaming because they can expect a proper, regularised setup that eliminates all sorts of threats and risks involved from the picture that lures more and more people towards this industry.

Since the growth of the gaming industry in the state of Meghalaya was phenomenal and it was constantly expanding, this ordinance from the government was very vital to keep things from falling apart and help this industry flourish. The ordinance passed by the Government of Meghalaya regulates both games of skill and chance and brings forward other kinds of classifications into the mix.

Gaming in Northeast India is now creating a unique way of entertainment and bringing a change to the region. Because entertainment is a special way to keep people excited, the gaming industry is certainly blooming in the region.

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