2022 Assembly Elections: Mehbub Laskar To Strategise For Manipur Congress

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With an experience of working as a political consultant for different political parties across India in past, Mehbub Laskar one of the countries top political strategists this time has signed an agreement with Manipur Congress to shape their election campaign for assembly election which is going to be scheduled between February – March 2022.

The responsibility of Mehbub is to make the Congress party win in the coming assembly election by making congress organization strong, design campaign strategy by surveying all 60 assembly constituencies and finding out good candidates who have good popularity among voters to win the election.

Mehbub Laskar works mainly for political parties to design their campaign strategies, constituency, and candidature survey, micro booth management, team building, social media management, and all other works related to election management from first to last for winning an election.

Mehbub depends on his strong technical and data scientist team who used to work day and night for every small thing and based on that Mehbub used to design election strategy.

In a statement, Mehbub said that the Manipur Congress party is going to win the upcoming assembly election surely with an absolute majority and for that, they have designed our full plan to implement and we are going to start the campaign from October 1st onwards.

In the 2017 Manipur Assembly election, the Congress party was able to win only 28 seats out of 60 constituencies. Now question is that will it be possible for Mehbub to make the congress party win in the coming assembly election under the leadership of AICC In-charge Bhakta Charan Dass and Manipur Pradesh Congress President N Loken Singh?

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