Sikkim Government Collaborates With Ladakh-Based NGO To Revamp Schools In Remote Areas

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The Sikkim Education Department signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Ladakh-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), 17000 ft Foundation to enhance learning level at elementary levels in remote areas of Sikkim.

Signed by Foundation Director Sandeep Sahu; Education special secretary and Director of Elementary Education, Bhim Thatal, the partnership is believed to mobilize the communities into taking a more active role in their child’s school.

Education department would extend its support to the foundation by ensuring effective and adequate participation through joint monitoring, performance reviews, and timely feedback.

In terms of the collaboration, 17000 ft will transform a pilot set of government schools in remote areas with improved learning resources, along with specialized digital learning, thereby playing a significant role to enhance learning for children across these regions.

“As part of the partnership, 17000 Ft Foundation will be transforming a pilot set of government schools in the physically remote and network shadow areas in the State of Sikkim with child-friendly school infrastructure and improved learning resources, including a specialized digital learning solution designed for off-grid and off-network regions. The foundation will also be building the capacity of teachers and mobilizing the community into taking a more active role in their child’s school,” – asserted the Education department.

Foundation director Sandeep Sahu shared that Himalayan regions is one of the most under-served areas, due to challenges of geography and low impact numbers.

He stated that partnership between 17000 ft foundation and Sikkim Education Department will channelize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) support to develop the remote schools of Sikkim, thereby transforming these remote and isolated border schools.

Besides, the Education additional chief secretary G.P. Upadhyaya mentioned that reaching out to children of the elementary level at remote places is a great challenge and this partnership will surely support enhancing learning levels among the schools of far-flung areas of Sikkim.

17000 Ft Foundation is a not-for-profit organization working with a mission to transform lives of high altitude frontier communities into self-sustaining, resilient and thriving regions.

The foundation has impacted over 200 remote frontier villages of Leh and Kargil districts in Ladakh by improving infrastructure and learning resources in their government elementary schools, thereby reducing the exodus of young children to faraway towns, leading to strengthened families, educated communities, and a resilient, self-sustaining region, a press release from the Education Department informed.

17000 ft Foundation aims to stem the desperate exodus of these indigenous communities to faraway cities, thereby creating livelihood opportunities, and generating exposure through interactions with the outside world.

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