Arrested Gunmen At Namsai Do Not Belong To Us: ENNG Refutes Media Reports

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  • Tanu Bulo, NET correspondent, Arunachal Pradesh

The Eastern Naga National Government (ENNG) has objected to certain media houses in Arunachal Pradesh running news reports which claims that 4 gunmen arrested in Namsai belonged to the Naga body of Arunachal.

The organization has come forward to discard the allegations that the four gunmen arrested from the Namsai district belonged to ENNG. The organization has stated that the organisation doesn’t deal in any kind of illegal and anti-social activities. They further clarified that the organization since 2018 does not have any individual in any capacity from the Chakma and Khamti Community.

The organization has therefore urged the media houses to report after proper verification since allegations like the one recently in the news defame the organization.

Various media houses in the state on 30 September ran a report that Chongkham Police had arrested four gunmen belonging to ENNG on charges of extortion and possession of automatic rifles and ammunition.

Allegedly, the four gunmen arrested had lied to the police that they were members of ENNG during the investigation. Four arrested included- Maracho Chakma, Khokho Chakma, Anu Chakma and Chow Kinta Khamho. Of the four, 3 belonged to the Chakma community and the other from the Khamti community.


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