Manipur : Locusts Attack Farms In Suangdoh, Farmers Panic

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The locust attack detected in the paddy fields of more than 125 households in Suangdoh village, Churachandpur district has mounted an immediate concern among the cultivators, triggering fear of damaging entire crop, leading to shortage of rice.

If sources are to be believed, households of Suangdoh sub-division is totally dependent on rice cultivation.

According to Imphal Free Press report, although some of the crops have already been damaged with the destructive swarms attack, but farmers have used pesticides to protect the remaining crops.

These farmers urged the Agriculture Department for an expedite action into the following.

Experts have already been consulted regarding the same, who will arrive the spot with an effective sprayer.

Pests attack in Manipur during the recent times have threatened livelihood of many households.

Recently, almost all Yongchak trees in Willong Khonou Village have been found infested with loopers.

It has triggered fear among these households, as both flowers and beans of Yongchak (Parkia Speciosa) are consumed by residents.

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