What Makes North-East A Woman Friendly Place?

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North-east states are known as the green paradise for a reason, it is surrounded by nature and people prefer to keep it that way. In addition to the natural beauty that decorates the region, the culture and lifestyle of the North-East is something that astonishes many people. The place is friendly, peaceful and free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Being a woman in India places many challenges and is visible in the patriarchal notion and normalisation of misogyny. One can sigh a relief from such boundations on women in the North-East and hence, it can be safely said that the North-East is a very woman-friendly place and here are the reasons why. 

No Dowry 

When talks about marriage take place, dowry is not ignored. The bad practice of dowry still is practised in many states of India. However, the northeastern states are free from the practice of dowry. A marriage simply means marriage with no demands from gift or dowry from the bride’s side. When the other states are sleeping in this bad practice, North Eastern are wishing them Good Morning by showing them the right way to carry on with the wedding procession. 

Women Empowerment 

Women have been struggling for women empowerment for a very long time. Meghalaya has managed to pass the benchmark to tell that it is a state that really empowers women. For instance, most of the regions of Meghalaya have a matrilineal society. Unlike households of other states, the decision making of the houses is either taken by the women or the man and women both. North-eastern people take the issue of gender equality very seriously. Is it safe to roam outside at night and go out and wish someone Good Night without fearing for their life? North-East being a hilly region demanded even women workforce and this has contributed largely to creating a gender-equal society in the region. 

Rational Mindset and Literate People 

The northeast region is one of the most literate regions of India, collectively. With literacy, one can expect a rational mindset and the same is visible in this region. A girl wearing a short dress in the North-East will not be slut-shamed because they know that it is just her clothes. This thinking gives a woman the freedom to express her individuality without bothering about what people will think and say. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is being said that the style statement of the North-Eastern people is totally on another level.  

Traditional Liquors 

North-East has much traditional home-brewed liquor which can be consumed by both men and women without any stigma. Popular liquor of the region includes Apong, Zou, Xaz, Chuwarak, Judima, Kiad, Zutho and Sekmai Yu. Different liquors are brewed for different occasions and therefore, it can be proven to be a heaven for any beer lover. 

In addition to these reasons which specifically makes the North-East region a woman-friendly place, there are many reasons why one should visit this region once in their lifetime. Arunachal Pradesh is known as the Land of the Rising Sun and one can experience the first sunrise of the day in the country from here. In addition to that, the North-East regions are very clean. In fact, Mawlynnong situated in Meghalaya is home to the cleanest village in Asia and further, it also has a hundred percent literacy rate. =

The diversity of the North-Region is extremely high. With multiple tribes, the place is home to multiple languages. One can experience rich diversity and culture in the region and can see the people staying in harmony with nature. One uniquely distinguishing feature of the region is the Nghah Lou Dawr Culture of Mizoram. Mizoram actually has shops without shopkeepers. The market works here on the basis of trust. A customer can pick the thing that they want and then leave the price of the good in the Deposit Box. This shows that the human relation of this region is a notch higher than other places where even strangers can be trusted to be good human beings. Most of the northeast region is also musically rich. Meghalaya which is known as the Rock Capital of India hosts numerous music festivals all year long.

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